5 classes to mix up your fitness regime

5 classes to mix up your fitness regime

Keep your body guessing with classes that push or soothe your body in different ways. Mixing up your fitness regime with different types of sessions ensures you don’t hit a plateau and allows your metabolism to stay elevated. We are all about making progress, no matter how large and small, so here are the latest top classes for you to pick ‘n’ mix:


Bodyweight H.I.I.T. With Jamie 07:30 – 08:15

Battersea Park
Jamie Goldstein leads your early bird class in the depths of beautiful Battersea Park. He’s passionate about socialising and competitive sport so expect games and challenges galore. You’ll push yourself harder if you bring a friend – so please do invite them.

Hippy Vinyasa Yoga 19:00 – 19:30

Live & Online
A class for our hips. Expect hip openers and soothers. In yoga the pelvic area is sacred. The pelvic floor literally holds up our organs and it is the first hub between the earth and ourselves – it is our centre. A select few of Amy Mercado’s yoga classes specialize in addressing certain areas of the body so expect an in-depth session zoning in on hip health here. Dip into her other classes and get a full body MOT as you go.


HIIT Workshop 10:00 – 11:00

Old Billingsgate / London Bridge / Monument
The weekend was built for self-love. Show your body some top-notch health with a HIIT workshop by the Thames with views over the city, the Shard, and Tower Bridge. Ana Rosas is your fitness partner – a powerhouse dedicated to progressing your form and fitness in a social pack. She’s been training throughout the city and has wads of experience with desk warriors and pursuing their goals, and furthering their strengths.

Saturday’s HIIT Blaster 08:45 – 09:25

Live & Online
Log in and roll out of this 40 minute all over body blitz. With a focus on bodyweight and using your body in the best way. But, if you fancy adding weights, you are more than welcome and exercises will be modified to accommodate. Get fitness ticked off nice and early with no work distractions. Shane Campbell is a professional MMA fighter looking to get you box-fit, that means sky high cardio, killer co-ordination and total body control.

Dream Team Boxing 09:00 – 10:00

Victoria Park
A sure-fire way to supe up your heart health. Improve your balance, strength and decrease stress. This is a beginner’s class, so come in and get acquainted with your favourite new hobby. Your fitness partner, Gabor Trapp, is well versed in boxing, kickboxing, mat Pilates and HIIT. With a fitness partner harnessing so many different specialisms, his classes are 360 holistic – one minute you’ll be pushing your cardio and the next stretching out tensions and looking after your back health.

If you fancy exploring more outdoor or online group classes click here.

As always, stay fit and stay healthy.


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