How often should we be stretching? Top lengthening classes.

How often should we be stretching? Top lengthening classes.

To bag the best benefits of stretching you must stretch at least two to three times a week. Skipping regular stretching means that you risk losing the potential gains. Whilst in a stretch the aim is not pain. The optimal level of stretch is a position that is comfortable to hold, but still challenging; you’re not shaking, your face is resting, and breathing is controlled. It’s a pose where if your fitness guru asks you to hold for a bit longer, you thrive in the space. Let’s stretch to bend not break. Here’s this week’s top stretch based sessions:

Barre N Beats With Sarah Aarons 07:45 @ Crystal Palace
Engage muscles you usually miss when you workout.

Leg Sculpting With Joshua Charles 18:30 Online from Trinidad & Tobago
Never skip leg day!

Move With Her With Jazmin Jewel Yoga 19:00 @ South Kensington
Yogic workshop exploring movement for feeling good during menstruation.

Yoga For All With Soham Yoga 18:30 @ Harrow
Hatha yoga moves and everyone is welcome.

Sunrise Hath Yoga with Jazmin Jewel Yoga 07:00 @ Turnham Green
Start Saturday supple.

International Yoga Day With Soham Yoga 09:45 @ Harrow
Come celebrate your body and your ability to move.

Slow Flow with Sinem Er At The Scoop at 18:00
Complimentary yoga near City Hall as part of the summer by the river festival.

Fitness Pilates With Jo Gosling 17:45 Live & Online
Tone and sculpting masterclass. Be ready to pulse pulse pulse.

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