The origins of group outdoor fitness

The origins of group outdoor fitness

1969 saw the first real fitness class become available to the public – the wives of the US Air Force members were invited to try out aerobics classes with Jacki Sorenson – the originator of aerobic dancing.

What was aerobics?

Jacki combined dance with aerobic exercise, which was the birth of aerobics – the world’s first popular group workout. Fitness classes evolved through the 70s, and really took off in the 80s, with some celebrities releasing fitness workouts that could be enjoyed at home.

Growth of group fitness

There has been a real growth in the sort of fitness classes on offer in the UK in the past ten years. In 2018, the National Fitness Survey told us that nearly 2.2 million people attend yoga and pilates classes in the UK, and over 740,000 of us head to the gym for spinning classes. There are also huge numbers attending circuits and Zumba sessions, and since its introduction in the late 60s, nearly 600,000 of us still go to Aerobics workouts!

Reports have showed that yoga classes are often being run by self-employed yoga teachers throughout the UK…and that’s where we come in!

Unlimited fitness – the dream!

 You can try yoga classes with BUA Unlimited – with your first two weeks Unlimited trial costing only £14 – that’s just £1 per day – and when many London-based classes are costing up £20 for drop in, you can’t get much better than that!

What can you try?

Well, where do we start? Here are some of our favourite outdoor group fitness workouts to check out in London:

If you like running – Sole Mates run club (included with BUA Unlimited membership)

If you like HIIT – BUA Bodyweight HIIT (included with BUA Unlimited membership)

If you like yoga – BUA Yoga Flow MOJO ​​(included with BUA Unlimited membership)

If you like boxing – KAPOW Badass Bua Boxing (included with BUA Unlimited membership)

If you like core – War on your Core (included with BUA Unlimited membership)

All these classes, and hundreds and hundreds more, are all included in BUA Unlimited. For only £1 a day for your first two weeks, and then £69.99 (usually £99) after that. Use code VICTORY to enjoy 5 classes a week for £3.49 per class – it’s unbeatable, especially in London! Sign up for BUA Unlimited here.

As always, stay fit, happy and healthy.

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