Try an outdoor group fitness class this autumn!

Try an outdoor group fitness class this autumn!

Whether it’s Yoga, Pilates, or circuits; taking a group fitness class outside can be a real game changer for those yet to try it out, offering a new and exciting alternative to your usual regime. Not only will an outdoor workout offer a range of positive benefits, including increased energy and decreased tension; but doing it as part of a group can offer a whole load more. Here are just a few of them:

Ideal for beginners, experts and everyone in between

Maybe the idea of a one-to-one personal training session is a little intimidating? Perhaps the thought of a solo spin at the gym makes you a tad self-conscious? At a group fitness class everyone is in it together, and this feeling of comradery can be a big help for those who’re new to the particular regime.

It’s also not just the newbies who benefit; even the highly experienced can reap big rewards from working out along side those of a different ability. This is down to something we like to call ‘The Push & Pull Factor’, by where exercising with those at different levels can offer an unrivalled boost to your motivation and your drive, something you’ll notice in your next group session.

Hassle free training

With certain activities it can take a fair bit of knowledge and research to figure out the optimum structure for a session. Turning up to a pre-structured workout designed by someone with first rate understanding of the regime removes the stress of planning, allowing you to really clear your mind and get stuck in to the session.

You’ll get faster and better results

Whilst you may not receive the same level of attention as you would in a one-on-one session, your fitness instructor still has a duty show proper form and in turn, ensure every member of the class is executing each exercise in the correct way. Seeing others make and correct their mistakes can be a great way to learn and takes any guesswork out of your regime.

You’ll have fun (we promise!)

One thing you’ll commonly hear from those who attend group fitness classes is how much fun they have. They’re not lying! Even for the more introverted among you, working out alongside like-minded individuals, at any level of ability, can do great things to your confidence, your motivation and your enjoyment – try it for yourself!


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