Wellness advice to my younger self

Regret nothing. That’s a good life goal. However sometimes there are things we wish we could have done differently. Here’s our top 5 chunks of wellness advice we wish we knew when we were younger:

Low intensity workouts are good for you. Enjoy slower based workouts that still make you feel great. The majority of low intensity workouts are great mobilizers and flexibility boosters – something we’ll be thankful for as we age.

Low calorie doesn’t mean healthy. Stop counting calories and instead focus on getting enough nutrients and vitamins.  

Make time for you. Being busy and not sleeping enough are not accolades. Look after your mind, body, and soul and they’ll look after you.

Change your workout environment. If you’re always inside go outdoors and explore your city. October is a gorgeous month to be outside. Go to a new place, feel that buzz of newness, and witness the seasons change too. Ground yourself outside.

Make time to move this week with top classes. As always, stay fit, happy and healthy!

Power Yoga Kundalini Rocket Fusion With Amy Mercado
– Tuesdays Live & Online

Full Body Strength Express With Shakira Taylor
– Tuesday Live & Online

Upbeat Upper Body Endurance With Joshua Charles – Tuesdays Live & Online

Morning Yoga Boost With Sinem Er – Tuesdays Live & Online

New Moon Yin Yang Yoga Breathwork & Meditation Workshop With Amy Mercado – TODAY ONLY! Live & Online

Core Blimey With Sarah Aarons – Wednesdays At Dulwich Park

Detox Spinal Activation & Breathwork With Amy Mercado – Thursdays Live & Online  

As always, stay fit, happy and healthy!


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