Boost Energy Naturally

We all fancy a pick-me-up sometimes. A little something to put a spring back in our step is easier than you think. Let’s fight tiredness and boost energy today.

Bag a good diet. Avoid sugary processed shortcuts, white bread and going to town on caffeine. You might be low on vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron, so scoff spinach, sprinkle watercress on your meals and slurp a smoothie with a kale base. Try to get out at lunchtime to feel the sunlight on your skin and snack heavily on nuts and seeds.

Just move. I know it sounds like a paradox but moving more beats fatigue. Even low intensity exercise reduces tiredness symptoms by 65%. Make room for a 30-minute movement session as often as you can.

Go to bed early. Plug in your own batteries with restful sleep. That means turning off all screens and eating at least 3 hours before bed. Make sure your room is cool and noise-free. You must get at least 7 hours a night to ensure your body’s recovery sequence is finished.

Tick off your movement quota today with a class:

Mondays: Box VIIT With Sarah Aarons – Wells Park

Tuesdays:  Morning Yoga Boost With Sinem Er – Live & Online

Wednesdays: Shesensu With Sarah Aarons – Crystal Palace

Thursdays: Bodyweight Circuit With Sarah Aarons – Crystal Palace

Fridays: Dynamic Power Yoga With Amy Mercado – Live & Online

Saturdays: Battleground HIIT With Andressa – Hyde Park

Sundays: Rocket Yoga With Simone Topel – London Fields


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