Let’s get functional – why you need functional fitness now

Let’s get functional – why you need functional fitness now

Functional stress training is all about helping us move better daily. Usually, the functional aspects can be left out of our exercise regime when we concentrate on certain activities or have specific health goals in mind. It’s time to broaden your fitness benefits with this balanced workout. Functional training is usually bodyweight based – we use the mass of our own limbs to provide resistance in an exercise. Moves involve multiple joints and movement in multiple planes i.e. forwards, backwards, up and down, side to side and rotationally. Fitness partners will talk of compound exercises – these are common functional movements where we do one move that delivers a plethora of benefits that help your body function as a whole – a squat being a great example. When squatting we hit a huge variety of muscles, bolster the knee and hip joints, and strengthen leg tendons and ligaments in one hit.

The best bit about functional training is that it’s beneficial to everyone – all movements can be ramped up and modified for every ability. You also don’t need any equipment. Everyday it’ll improve your co-ordination, mobility, strength and speed all over your entire body. Jump into functional classes this week here:

Upbeat Upper Body Endurance With Joshua Charles 19:15
Live & Online From Trinidad & Tobago

Legs, Bums, Tums Toned! With Angelique Parvez 19:00 
Live & Online

Caribbean HIIT Body Movement With Joshua Charles 18:30
Live & Online From Trinidad & Tobago

Body Blitz HIIT Circuit With John St Croix 13:00
Live & Online

VIIT At The Spinx With Sarah Aarons 10:30
Crystal Palace

Sunset Barre N Beats With Sarah Aarons 18:45
Dulwich Park

Next Monday
Silent Disco With Charlie Oh La La 18:00
The Scoop – London Bridge

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