What can I do to move?

Starting a new habit can be difficult. There is an inertia attached to jumping into something new. So, we suggest to go slow – book a fitness class a week that slots easily into your schedule and lifestyle. There are classes online or in your neighbourhood, so stay local or in your lounge to make exercising easy.

Mon 10th May – Monday’s Lunchtime Express – 13:30 – 14:00


Live & Online

Slot this 30 minute blast into your day and feel like a new person. Packed full of short, intense bodyweight exercises in a HIIT format. Burn away tension, stress, and worries.


Shane Campbell’s background is in the poetic art of punching. As a pro MMA fighter and kickboxing coach his cardio health must be sky high. So, expect a HIIT workout that boosts your heart rate and maxes your lung capacity.

Tues 11th May – Pilates: MOS – 18:30 – 19:20


Live & Online  

Scientific Pilates is here! This is all about Movement Optimisation Science – a Pilates class coupled clinical experience to help you stop firefighting pain symptoms that come and go. Come and move like you want to!


Adonis Angelides is a Pilates instructor, holds a Msc in Sports Science, and has racked up 19 years of professional experience in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Weds 12th May – Boost Morning Energy – 08:00 – 08:45


Dollis Hill

Elevate your morning energy with Pilates so you make better decisions throughout the day. An early morning workout will change your mindset – be more positive, more active, and more health conscious. Fit this in before the morning begins.  


Patricia Debiazi is a Brazilian Pilates instructor with a background in physiotherapy. She believes we are what we love and first on that list should be a deep love of ourselves and our bodies.

Thurs 13th May – Vinyasa Slow Flow With Laura – 20:00 – 21:00


Live & Online

If you’re searching for peace this week, you’ll find it here. Get drenched in peace with gentle sequences to calm the amygdala centre (which is responsible for our overreactions), whilst stimulating the imagination.


Laura is a holistic powerhouse of good health dedicated to making yoga open to all.  A multi-style yoga teacher, reflexologist, Reiki master, and sound healing practitioner. Your go-to for everything zen.

Friday 14th May – WoW – ICXT – Intensive Core Cross Training – 07:30 – 08:15



This is a blast to get abs like ice slabs. A strong core balances and strengthens your overall mobility. If you’re suffering from back pain you must build stronger core muscles to ease the pressure on your spine. Take it one class at a time.


Luca is an enigma. A tough cookie, with one thing on his mind – your health. He strongly believes that the comfort zone is where dreams go to die…

Saturday 15th May – HIIT Workshop On The Boardwalk – 09:00 – 10:00



A workout with the best view in London. This is a bodyweight masterclass to increase your overall level of fitness, endurance, and mental stamina.


Lukas Rafacz exercises your mind, body and spirit. He has trained everyone – from MMA fighters, soccer mums, weekend warriors to professional athletes. As a teenager he struggled with his weight and depression so he understands the barriers that stop us being in the best shape of our lives. His lived experience permeates his workouts that are boundlessly positive and motivational.

Sunday 16th May – Nourishing Yoga In The Park – 10:00 – 11:00



You, your body, and nature. A triple treat. Come join Shuntao in a gentle session that lulls your body into a sense of peace. You’ll check-in with every limb to feel your weak spots and recognise where you hold strength. This is your body’s MOT.  


Shuntao Li trained in the Alpujarras mountains in Spain and now excels in slow vinyasa flow and ashtanga classes for everyone. Her classes are accessible, fun, and so relaxing, probably because she is also an excellent yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and meditation teacher.

You can book into these classes and loads more, right here.

As always, stay fit and stay healthy.

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