Rockstar trainers are the no.1 reason we choose a class

Rockstar trainers are the no.1 reason we choose a class

We are more likely to stick to fitness once we’ve found our ideal trainer. Once a match – always a match – we follow trainers to new areas, and we try their newest classes. Why? Because trainers are more than educators. They tap into our intrinsic motivators, they understand our form, they set long term realistic goals and have our backs. Rarely in any other aspect of our lives is support so real, so vocal (!), and results driven. Jump into this week’s top classes with trainers we love.


Express Kickboxing With Gabor Trapp – 12:00 – 12:45

Live & Online

An online masterclass of stability, co-ordination and power. Release stress over lunch and rampage through the afternoon clear-headed and focused. Gabor Trapp is trained in a plethora of fitness concepts – from Pilates, back health, boxing, HIIT to kickboxing. His balanced approach to his own training means you’ll receive a 360 outlook on your fitness. Ask for advice on what exercises are perfect for your goals and start a super tailored fitness journey.


Barre Riot: 30 Minute Total Core & Cardio With Grace Kerr – 18:30 – 19:00

Live & Online

Grace Kerr believes health is your greatest wealth. She is on hand to boost your wellbeing and health bank balance. Improve core strength through a total body barre workout this Tuesday. Barre is the queen sport of pulsing so expect a low impact, high challenge session.

Hackney BUA Boxing With Shane Campbell – 07:15 – 08:15

Victoria Park

Killer combos, pad work, shadow boxing and team/ dream work to ensure you’re ring ready. Your fitness professional, Shane Campbell, is a pro MMA fighter AKA pro mixed martial arts guru. He’ll teach you how to strike, motivate yourself, and be in the best shape of your life.


Barre Riot: It’s Total Body Mayhem On The Mat With Grace Kerr 12:00 – 12:40

Live & Online

Focus on the accuracy in your movements, your alignment and posture through barre. Enjoy a combo of dance, Pilates, cardio, yoga and strength conditioning.


Dream Team Boxing With Gabor Trapp – 09:00 – 10:00

Victoria Park

Partner and team exercises for a boxing blast outdoors. Build self-awareness and confidence while being coached by one of the best.

Nourishing Nature Flow With Simone Topel10:00 – 11:00

Clissold Park

Yoga is best outdoors a sun salutation is best completed with the sun on your back and grass between your toes. Join for a truly restorative session with yoga extraordinaire, Simone Topel. Having taught 1-2-1, in schools, for corporates, and in great outdoors, her style is varied. Classes are light-hearted and playful with a strong undercurrent of mindfulness.

Fitness Pilates With Jo Gosling – 09:30 – 10:15

Live & Online

A full body fitness workout drenched in Pilates. If you’re looking for a class to stretch your Pilates or yogic repertoire this is it. Jo Gosling has racked up 18 dreamy years of teaching wellness. She’ll soothe you through this class with humour, warmth and positivity so you can move like you want to.

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