Your health is the only wealth: your classes 19 – 25 October

Your health is the only wealth: your classes 19 – 25 October

Exercising in moderate amounts will shave years off your age. Let’s futureproof your flexibility, strength, posture, sex drive (!) and joints. Exercise doesn’t just make you feel younger, it has a transformative power in switching off the ageing process in your chromosomes. Live longer, live better.

Monday 19th Oct – Yoga For Cyclists: Performance & Recovery – 19:15 – 20:15

Live & Online   

A specialist yoga session to prevent injury, improve flexibility and bolster strength in the areas where a cyclist needs it most. With stretches pinpointing pain, this session will reduce tinges and open up hip flexors and tight shoulders. A transformative class for social cyclists and two wheeled commuters.


Sarah Smith is passionate about opening up the space in people’s bodies, minds and hearts. A yoga guru now offering specialist classes for workouts that satisfy the particular needs of certain athletes and sportspeople.

Tuesday 20th Oct – Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga – 12:00 – 12:40

Live & Online

Let’s nama-slay! A continuous sequence of postures with an emphasis on the synchronisation of motion and breath. Enjoy the benefits of lower blood pressure, increased strength and mobility, better bone density and reduced anxiety. This is a solid, sweaty workout and a yoga experience all rolled into one.


Lucy Lock has studied yoga for 8 years, teaching all over the world, from India to California. She’s settled in London and is teaching the masses the physical and mental joys of yoga.

Wednesday 21st Oct – Hatha Yoga – 19:00 – 19:45

Live & Online

A mixed level class so you can find your own pace and go with the flow. Hatha is a Sanskrit word which means forceful and obstinate. Applied to yoga it means to stay dedicated during the asanas (the postures). A masterclass in strength, balance and flexibility and moderate aerobic conditioning. Hatha yoga improves core strength, cardio health, and enhances lung capacity. Through its sequences you become calm. This quick source of relief reduces hypertension, a huge heart issue in modern life. For older adults hatha yoga is perfect for improving the range of motion in all joints.


Carina Bidese has been in the self-development and yoga game for 6 years, with 750h training in Táraka Yoga under her belt / lululemons, and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Thursday 22nd Oct – Thursday Smasher – 18:15 – 19:30

East India Dock

A beautiful setting in which to get punching. The later it gets in the evening, the more picturesque the scene becomes. Join for a series of 3-minute rounds to put you through the paces of basic boxing fundamentals. A great introduction to boxing if you’re a beginner. Come and get brill at something new.


Danielle Davison is a punch above the rest. Dedicated to your health and happiness, she will make you feel like a pro before you leave. Full of tips and tricks to fast track your pad work and foot work skills.

Friday 23rd Oct – Ladies With Babies – 08:45 – 09:30


Time to get the girl gang back together! A class where you can bring your babies. Workout alongside your babes or bring the stroller. This is 45 minutes of YOU time. It’s all about building strength, blitzing and sculpting your silhouette, and getting your mind, body, and spirit back into beast mode. Expect a firm focus on the core, arms and derriere.


Roland Horvath is an ex semi pro footballer, with a background in athletics, gymnastics and handball. He is all about mindsets and making sure yours chimes with your exercise regime, so both your body and your brain leave happy.

Saturday 24th Oct – Bootcamp 09:15 – 10:30


The bootcamp to end all bootcamps. Expect to sweat, smile, and swagger out of this class. A cardio rodeo that tones those tummies and toughens the tushes. This is an all body blitz that will get you laughing and lean.


Coach Saima of Sunday Brunch C4 fame leads the pack with a class in Kingston. The go-to girl for outdoor workouts, self-improvement coaching, and mindset management.

Sunday 25th Oct – Penalty Box – 12:00 – 13:00

Victoria Park

Simply hardcore. HIIT bodyweight exercises undertaken in your very own box area. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in such a small space. This class is open to all, with modifications for all fitness levels.


Gabor Trapp covers the gauntlet of fitness, as a mat Pilates and lower back pain specialist, boxing guru, HIIT leader and weights trainer. With his wealth of knowledge about all things fitness, please ask him questions to tailor the workout to your strengths and weaknesses.

You can book into these classes and loads more, right here.

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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