Life is out there!

Life is out there!

So let’s get out and work out again! You’re only one class away from your best mood. Book that smile in with a fine selection of online and OUTDOOR classes. Welcome back!

Monday 30th Nov – After Weekend Calories Burn – 18:30 – 19:10

Live & Online

Indulged at the weekend and keen to tame that animal? Grab a bootcamp HIIT session for maximum fat store burn and a muscle makeover at an intensity to suit you. Expect bodyweight moves that explore every inch of your body. The best way to finish a manic Monday.  


Ola C is a strong believer that it takes 21 days to build a habit and only 90 days to build a lifestyle. Slot this fast class into your routine and reap the lifestyle benefits. She is the posture correction queen and IBS nutrition whizz too.

Tuesday 1st Dec – Mobility & Pain Relief – 19:30 – 20:15

Live & Online

Hello December! Peel yourself from that seat and shake it off with Roland. A class dedicated to breathing life into tired WFH limbs and sedentary bottoms. If we weren’t meant to move, we’d all have roots. So it’s time to align that spine, turn that frown upside down and elevate your heartbeat with a mobility, strength and conditioning session. Boost your mobility and any lower back pain.


Roland Horvath is an ex semi pro footballer, with a background in athletics, gymnastics and handball. He is all about mindsets and making sure yours chimes with your exercise regime, so both your body and your brain leave happy.

Wednesday 2nd Dec – Candlelit Yin Yoga – 20:00 – 21:00

Live & Online

Slow, precise, long held yogic postures bathed in soft candlelight. The perfect gateway to a peaceful night’s sleep. A slow flow class for all, with breathwork, stillness, and serenity as standard.


Sophie Cole is a yin yoga guru. She takes a functional approach and personalises yoga experiences by asking students to listen to their bodies. She is a pro at making you pay attention to your body’s subtleties, whether that is the heaviness of your arms, the lightness of your fingers, or the length in your spine in any given sequence.

Thursday 3rd Dec – Acroyoga Fun For Beginners – 17:45 – 18:45

Clapham Common Bandstand

Welcome to yogic partner play! Acroyoga is 2 person yoga. This class will strengthen cores, shoulders and wrists and you’ll gain a sense of awareness of your body and your partner’s that is absent from other yoga classes. You will build a bond of trust with your partner and reach a deeper level of communication. Come and balance together.


Corina Boho and Earl Cottrell rule this class for absolute beginners (though intermediates are very welcome). Expect stunning displays of partner poses with tips and tricks to reveal their ease. Corina is a multi-style yoga teacher having been trained by Ayurvedic doctors and respected gurus. Earl’s background is in professional football. He discovered yoga as a brilliant recovery tool.

Friday 4th Dec – WoW – ICXT – Intensive Core Cross Training – 07:30 – 08:15


Buckle up ladies and gents, this is a core cross session to blitz your abs. If you’re craving better definition and help banishing any bloat this class is for you. A strong core will stabilise you and re-set your balance so daily activities such as walking, running, sitting and getting up to standing are simple again. Expect cardio, circuits, and HIIT all rolled into one.


Luca is an all-round mad man. Mad about your health, your mobility, and your mindset. He will push you hard out of your comfort zone. You’ll train harder and longer than you ever have. And you won’t even notice what you’re achieving at the time. Two weeks down the line you start seeing substantial changes and you’ll just keep on going. 

Saturday 5th Dec – Saturday Recharge Yoga – 10:00 – 11:00


Take the time to check in with yourself. An hour to focus on breath, body connection, and alignment whilst in the great outdoors. This class is open to all, with playful and challenging sequences, finishing with a short yoga nidra practice for the ultimate relaxation.


Shuntao Li, trained in the Alpujarras mountains in Spain and now runs slow vinyasa flow and ashtanga classes in London. Alongside this she is an enthused yoga nidra and meditation teacher.

Sunday 6th Dec – Boxing Mania – 11:00 – 11:45

Victoria Park

Boxing boosts self-confidence, co-ordination, and total body strength, whilst reducing stress. Please note partner pad work will only be allowed in groups from the same household. Expect footwork drills, bodyweight moves, and boxing techniques for beginners.


Gabor Trapp covers the gauntlet of fitness, as a mat Pilates and lower back pain specialist, boxing guru, HIIT leader and weights trainer. With his wealth of knowledge about all things fitness, please ask him questions to tailor the workout to your strengths and weaknesses.

You can book into these classes and loads more, right here.

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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