Find the motivation to keep going

Are you finding it hard to keep up your wellness regime? If you are, these tips will get you dedicated to your health.

1 – Make it habitual. If you find a class that works for you and your schedule, book in every time, every week, at the same time. Book that class weeks in advance.

2 – Block out time specifically for you in your diary. Do not feel bad about this. Exercise is as important to your health as getting enough sleep. Make time for movement.

3 – Reward yourself for going. Have a hot bath or take the evening off. Associate your class with something you love, and those positive associations will filter down.

4 – Invite a friend. Helping someone else try something new is a huge mood booster. A friend will also keep you accountable to practice and chances are you’ll learn things about each other you never knew before. Deepen that relationship though this new shared experience.

Re-start your regime with renewed vigor now. Jump into this week’s best classes:

Detox Yin Yoga With Amy Mercado

Bodyweight HIIT With Jamie Goldstein

Core Blimey With Sarah Aarons

Yoga For All = Hatha Yoga Flow With Soham

Boogie & Barre With Grace Ker

Bouncing In The Park With Sarah Aarons

Silent Disco Dance Party At The Scoop With Charlie Oh La La


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