Lockdown 2.0: An online smash of classes 23 – 29 Nov

Lockdown 2.0: An online smash of classes 23 – 29 Nov

New classes are coming in hard and fast. Scope out the hype of live online fitness classes.

Monday 23rd Nov Strength, Stretch, Breath, Repeat – 12:00 – 12:45


A new blossoming lunchtime love story – you and Pilates. Know your body better in 45 minutes than you ever have hitting the gym over the last decade. Expect small and precise movements that workout out your body gently but intensely. Boost you flexibility, core strength, and notice all over body toning in three weeks.


As a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, Patricia Debiazi, knows our bodies inside out. Join her immersive sessions to press reset on your brain and body.

Tuesday 24th Nov – Evening Lockdown Online ZUMBA – 20:00 – 21:00


Dancing and rhythm made easy. With choreography to get that bottom shaking. A new class which is becoming a firm fave with the city dwellers. A total body blast choreographed to cover resistance and endurance, conditioning, cardio and stretch set alongside the Thames. Leave sweat drenched and happy.


Silvia Blanco Weber is a Spanish firecracker studying the depths of strength and conditioning at St Mary’s University. Not only that, but she’s also a passionate about nutrition and its effects on your performance. She is here to refill your dance move repertoire so you can paint the town red come 2nd December.

Wednesday 25th Nov – Dumbbell Demons – 12:00 – 12:45


A lunchtime 45-minute session to re-awaken snoozy muscles with a circuit style, light dumbbell workout. An all over body experience. Grab a weight, whether it’s a wine bottle, a can of beans, or a dumbbell. Let’s get those muscles lifting with ease.


Joel Burman – when he’s not treading the boards of musical theatre he’s finessing his training style. He is dedicated to improving your functional strength and flexibility.

Thursday 26th Nov – Yoga For Runners – 13:00 – 13:40


The ultimate rehab for all sorts of runner. Whether you’re a parkrun enthusiast, marathon monster, commute conqueror or couch to 5K-er. Everyone is welcome. Come loosen up tight calves, strengthen weak knees, open tight hips, and massage lower back pain away. Stand taller, recover quicker, and perform faster and longer.


Lucy Lock is an international yoga teacher having taught in India, Nepal, the Maldives, Philippines Guatemala, and California. Now firmly putting her roots down in London, she’s here to showcase what’s yoga hot the world over.

Friday 27th Nov – Beginners Kickboxing – 12:30 – 13:10


A combo of combat techniques nicked from taekwondo, boxing and karate. With two weeks of lockdown left you’ve got time to perfect a new skill. Unleash new talent and learn to defend and champion that body of yours. Whether you’re looking for strength to batter people outta the way whilst Christmas shopping or fancy footwork to dodge the puddles, this is the NEW class for you!


Come meet kickboxing trainer, fitness instructor and cat mummy, Kate Sutton. She will show you exactly how you can achieve your health goals. She’ll make you fall in love with fitness, just by helping you believe that you can do it.

Saturday 28th Nov – Slow Down Yoga – 17:00 18:00


Take off the watch. Put down your phone. Leave your worries beside your mat. Come and let’s slow time down together. Starting with a slow flow of asanas rolling into a YIN style yoga practice. For a sports person this session is a complementary must-have class to soothe joints and ligaments from more strenuous workouts. If you’re already immersed in the yogic way of life this class will allow you to rest in poses for longer.


Flexibility, energy, clarity and will power – Iuri Soham’s life mantra. Yoga will boost all 4 in one session. He is tuning in from the White Isle, Ibiza, so if you’re craving the sea and sun, log in and tune out.

Sunday 29th Nov – Booty&Core Hardcore – 10:00 10:45


A bodyweight masterclass with special attention on the derriere and abs. With cardio, plyometric and strengthening exercises interspersed with rest recovery periods. An efficient workout for those looking to train fast and hard and spend the least time doing it.


Roksana Piech is the HIIT princess. She believes in patience and the silent work of small steps of progress to form real body and mind transformations. She’ll keep you motivated when you can’t go on, and support when you’re crushing it.

You can book into these classes and loads more, right here.

As always, stay fit and healthy.


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