8 classes for small changes and BIG results

When we think of changing our lives we think of sweeping shifts with big long-term goals, but according to the University College London study, ‘Making Health Habitual’, the key to success is to think small i.e. manageable healthy tweaks like ditching sugar in your tea, checking in with your daily step count, and going to bed 15 minutes earlier. The most important aspect of getting into fitness is showing up for a class, so make that part effortless. Lay the kit out, make the mat accessible, and fill the water bottle the night before. Once you focus on only showing up you won’t stop. Here’s this week’s classes to slot into your life’s timetable now:


Monday’s Lunchtime Express – 13:30 – 14:00


Live & Online

Be a lunchtime powerhouse. 30 minutes of bodyweight HIIT (or with weights if you prefer) to re-charge your mind ready for whatever the afternoon throws at you.  


As a pro MMA fighter and kickboxing coach Shane Campbell’s co-ordination and cardio health is sky high. Expect to boost both of yours in this fast-paced efficient blast.


Buggy Bootcamp – Ante & Postal Natal- 12:30 – 13:15


Live & Online

Please tell all the mothers you know! As an expectant mum or post-natal warrior it can be hard to know how hard to push yourself, or how best to exercise. Join Casey in a masterclass of feel-good and safe movement.


Casey Brinn is our Irish firecracker. She’s warm, welcoming, and super knowledgeable about women’s health. Please take this opportunity to ask her any questions you have about fitness in motherhood.


Dumbbell Conditioning At Home – 08:30 – 09:15


Live & Online

A class before the world begins. An instructive session to get the best from your weight station at home. New sequences every week, so strap in. Improve your weaknesses and develop your strength through explosive drills and endurance rampages.


Adam Fung lives and breathes fitness, as a functional personal and group exercise trainer, weightlifter, and gymnast. Adam believes in building flexibility alongside strength to ensure a brilliant body balance.


Core Blimey – 18:00 – 18:45


Westow Hill, Crystal Palace

A big abs workout. Our stomach can kill or skyrocket our confidence – waist slimming is one of client’s biggest goals. Aside from wanting to feel better about our form, ab strength is crucial to our mobility as bi-pedal beings. Standing upright on two feet puts a lot of pressure on our spines and such workouts strengthen muscles around the spine and helps balance our bodies to improve our posture.


Sarah Aarons is an unstoppable fitness tour-de-force in south London. Her enthusiasm for your health and happiness is irresistible. She is a top top trainer with a following that adore her.

Nurturing, Calm & Peaceful Yoga – 19:30 – 20:20


Live & Online

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Join for a restorative session before the busy week ends. The class starts with a meditation to steady your thoughts and draw your focus onto your breath. From there you’ll master sun salutations and seated asanas. This is just the tonic for WFH and our sedentary lifestyles.  


Bouncing! – 18:15 – 19:30



Goldie Hawn is leading this trampette trend! She got hooked during lockdown and shows no signs of slowing. It’s probably because rebounding on a trampette bridges the gap between recreation and exercise – bouncing fundamentally feels like effortless fun. The health benefits are steep too, astronauts use trampettes to help regain bone density and muscle mass after returning from space and NASA found that it is 68% more efficient, in this regard, than jogging.


Sarah Aarons leads another belter of a class in her south London stomping ground. She believes in the motivating power of social fitness, even when things get tough. Find a new mental and physical strength when working out in a pack.


VIIT At The Sphinx – 10:30 – 11:30


Crystal Palace

Variable Intensity Interval Training takes you through high, medium, and low intensity workout phases. It covers the whole gauntlet – HIIT, strength and endurance elements, with slower paced mobility and recovery moves. This rounded workout is a super safe way to train as your body is taken through stages.


Sarah Aarons takes over the class agenda this week with another belter in south London. She has a bunch of credit packs if you’re keen to save money and jump into her training sessionsregularly. You can access these here.


Nourishing Yoga In Cator Park 10:00 – 11:00


Cator Park, nr Blackheath

There is very little better than a yoga session in the great outdoors. Time to feel the grass between your toes and the winter sun on your face. Shuntao will warm your bones with a restorative session to boost your mobility, flexibility, tone, and strength. Make note of what feels good and watch the world to go slow so you can take stock of the changes within you.


Shuntao Li is an enigma – a finance professional in the week and a highly respected vinyasa and meditation teacher at the weekends. She’s here to deepen your practice every Sunday.

You can book into these classes and loads more, right here.

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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