What do people who love to exercise all have in common?

What do people who love to exercise all have in common?

3 things:
1 – They find a workout or type of movement they love.
2 – They become part of a bigger community based around the activity.
3 – They feel lost or out of sorts when they don’t workout.

Also the majority of fitness fanatics are on growth fitness journeys, working toward bigger goals, usually a competition. For many they find that over time their identities become bound up in fitness and wellness and they become the go-to people for those keen to start their own fitness journeys.

Getting active can become a brilliant lifestyle that makes you fitter, happier and healthier. Join our band of fitness lovers today.

Fit Mummas with Jo Gosling
Every Thursday live and online.

Full Body Strength Express With Shakira
Every Wednesday live and online.  

Boogie & Barre With Grace Ker
Every Saturday live and online.

Pilates: Contrology With Jo Gosling
Every Thursday live and online.

Morning Park Yoga With Magdalena 
Every Thursday at London Fields.

Bollywood Fitness With Angelique

Every Monday live and online.

Bouncing In The Park With Sarah Aarons
Every Friday at Sydenham Wells Park

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