6 reasons to get bouncing with trampoline classes

Let’s be honest – when the trampoline was wheeled out for PE lessons, you knew it was your lucky day.

From seat jumps and tucks, to swivel hips and somersaults, trampoline lessons were the pinnacle of jealousy from your peers, who had to endure an hour of hockey, on the boggy school fields.

You might’ve noticed a rise in trampoline classes in London over the past few years, and it’s no coincidence. With the nostalgia of school lessons, mixed with the insane amount of fun enjoyed during classes, there’s a reason why so many trampoline classes are fully booked, day after day. Even Goldie Hawn got herself a trampoline to keep fit during lockdown!

You haven’t tried a class like this yet? Well…perhaps now’s the time! Here are our top reasons to try a trampoline class in 2022.

Lymphatic drainage

Rebounding (bouncing on a trampoline) helps improve circulation of the lymphatic fluid, which help to destroy cancerous cells in the body. As the fluid collects waste products, bacteria and damaged cells, it also collects damaged cancerous cells if are present in the body and drains it in the lymphatic vessels.

Go easy on me

Hip, back, knee pain. We’ve all experienced it, and it’s not fun. With trampolining, you won’t have to worry – it’s a low impact exercise, and your force is absorbed when you land. So you won’t be jarring your ankles, hips, spine or knees during this workout!

Mood booster

Try out a trampoline class, and your brain will release endorphins – the chemicals which make you feel good. So not only will you have a great workout, you’ll also experience reduced stress, anxiety and depression, Win-win.

Feelin’ good

You will feel the burn as you’re jumping around. Sure, it’s fun, but it is a hard workout. Burn calories, tone up, and lose weight, all in one workout. What more could you ask for, whilst having a great time? You’ll also increase the oxygen flow around your body, increasing energy levels. The additional oxygen arriving at your brain can also help with improving mental alertness.

Calf and core carnage

By jumping on the trampoline, your leg muscles will work hard to push you up. The repetitive jumping motion helps with the muscle contraction in your legs, and you’ll increase the muscle stamina in your lower body. Your core will also get a great workout throughout, as you stay contracted and balanced throughout.

Views for days

Our trampoline classes with Sarah take place in Crystal Palace. Did you know that parts of this area of London are so high, at 367 feet, that you’ll be able to see all over the city? So hang around after your class, and take in the views. If you don’t fancy trampolining you can also try your hand at hula hooping, and dog-friendly classes with Sarah in Crystal Palace.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself booked on a trampoline class with Sarah in South London, and see what all the fuss is about!

As always, stay fit and healthy.

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