Find your pack with this week’s top 5 classes

Find your pack with this week’s top 5 classes

Capitalise on group endorphins when you work out in a crowd. Group based activities tap into our innate pack animal mentality so you’ll gain a serotonin and oxytocin uplift from being with people in an environment you perceive as positive.

There is literal strength in numbers because the healthy action of others will rub off on you too. Workout with a pack you think are fitter than you and the Kohler effect will kick in because no-one wants to be the weakest link. As a result, you’ll push yourself more than you would going it alone.

Jump into fitness this week with a ready-made clan, starting tonight at The Scoop at 6pm. See you there!


Cardio Dance Box With Charlie Chazel at 18:00
The Scoop, London Bridge

Upbeat Upper Body Endurance With Joshua Charles at 18:30
Live & Online From Trinidad & Tobago

Raise The Barre With Sarah Aarons at 07:45
Crystal Palace

Core Blimey With Sarah Aarons at 18:00
Crystal Palace

Yoga For All – Hatha  Yoga Flow With Soham Yoga at 18:30


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