Why we must move

An average adult sits for 10 hours a day; 8 at work and 2 when they get home, followed by sleep… Sitting for long periods ups the chances of curdling our blood cholesterol, heart disease, and certain cancers. Studies showcased that those of us sitting for more than 8 hours a day had a risk of dying similar to those posed by smoking. 

What must we do?

  • For every 30 minutes sat on your tush, walk for 10.
  • Try standing at your desk.
  • Take walking meetings rather than boardroom blow outs.
  • Take calls on the move.
  • Book time for focused movement and make it a priority.

Let’s get seated for less than 4 hours a day with the top classes this week.

Morning Yoga Boost With Sinem Er
Every Tuesday

Leg Sculpting Soca Vibes With Joshua Charles
Every Wednesday

Bouncing In The Park With Sarah Aarons At Crystal Palace
Every Sunday

Legs & Core Kundalini Inspired With Amy Mercado
Every Thursday

Learn How To Bollywood Dance With Angelique Parvez
This Thursday

Body Blitz HIIT Circuit With John St Croix
Every Wednesday

Fit Mummas! Pre & Post Natal Pilates With Jo Gosling
Every Tuesday


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